Alex Friedman


Tapestry 01 A tapestry is a hand-woven art form that is created on a loom using two elements; the warp, which is generally a strong vertical thread held under tension providing support; and the weft, which is the colored horizontal element that is interlaced perpendicular to the warp. The weft is traditionally wool, silk, linen, cotton or a combination but it can be any material that carries the intended design.

One of the definitions of tapestry is that the weft is discontinuous; unlike other forms of weaving, the weft does not travel across from selvage to selvage but instead, is built pass by pass to fill in an area of a particular color according to the design of the tapestry.

Because of this a tapestry is generally weft-faced with and the warp in completely covered.

Placing a tapestry in your home, office or public area adds a very special focus to the room. In addition to the visual delights, they offer practical aspects. They help absorb sound in a noisy room, they create warm atmosphere in an interior space, and they provide a wonderful conversation piece. For earthquake-prone areas, they will cause no damage if they fall.

They are easy to care for needing an annual light cleaning to remove dust. The wools are mothproofed so there will be no insect damage. As with any art, they should be hung out of the glare of strong light.

You will enjoy many years of pleasure with a tapestry. Please contact me to learn more.